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Where I go on about a series of episodes on a single DVD, and possibly the quality of said disc.

Gravion, 3rd DVD Down

I can see why Steven couldn’t figure out if this show was serious, or badly done parody. There were a couple of good multi-episode arcs here, but I thought the next to the last battle of the first series was … Continue reading

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Gravion, Sorta Twittered

So far, I’m getting a very Godannar-ish vibe after two episodes, and that’s not good. Luna is cute, but she’s no Shizuru. Yeah, cute. NSFW Lamerosity: the speed with which a show becomes lame and predictable. And they’re — uh, … Continue reading

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Short Notes

I didn’t remember Devil Hunter Yoko was that ecchi. Of couse, it was the 80’s; everything had gratuitous breasts back then. (One area in which the modern world is not an improvement, IMHO.) Caught Strike Witches at CrunchyRoll. I’m sold … Continue reading

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End of the Dream

Sigh, this was supposed to be a comment (about Yumeria) over at Chizumatic, but it kinda got away from me. Once again, I prove that, no matter how silly an animé series is, hours of time can be devoted to … Continue reading

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It’s a Dream(y) World (by a lazy person)

I started writing this article last week, but then I got sidetracked and never got back to it. Meantime, events marched on, and now I need to write even more to update and fix it. However, I’ve decided to be … Continue reading

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Retroactive Winner: 2006 “You Got Your Plot in My Fanservice” Award.

About a year ago, I wrote about the series Witchblade, based on watching the first four fansubs. I’d quickly gotten overdosed on the completely-over-the-top fanservice, and dropped it, even though I noted that the plot seemed to be thickening, and … Continue reading

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Yatchan & Rushuna

So my vacation has taken me by Dr. Heinous’ place now. I got him Grenadier for Xmas, and we’re watching it now. Veddy interesting. And silly. Definitely got more of a plot than you expect from the beginning. More later. … Continue reading

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