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Posts about my financial support of the animé industry… and damage to my wallet therefrom.

Retirement of the Router From Hell

Random net storms. Super-slow download speeds, worse than a basic 54k phone modem. Pings of 200 to 1,000. Disconnects, where it just decides it’s not going to talk to the DSL modem at all, requiring multiple restarts, resets, and reentry … Continue reading

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Don’t Miss It — But It May Miss You

ADV (through the Anime Network) has made the entire first series of Divergence Eve available for online viewing here. Just in case you’ve been hiding under a rock, the genre is “big-breasted sci-fi horror” and despite the first hyphenation, it’s … Continue reading

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December Order In

So. I have a very large need for light distractions right now. Code Geass bundle #2: Discs #3 and #4, taking me through episode 17. Obligation buy. Tenchi (Original TV Series): Watching GXP recently got me interested in the original … Continue reading

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October’s Order In

Well, it was getting to be time. Ordered Kanon, v. 6 to finish that series off. Ordered Magical Witch Punie-chan. Because I’m evil and I like the series. Ordered Saber Marionette J. It’s been hanging around the edge of my … Continue reading

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Order In, and Received

Now I know that subbing and dubbing adds $7-10k per episode, and this has to be made up from a smaller volume of sales — so the prices are going to be higher than for a domestic series. But even at the relative price point of 27 cents/min, Geneon, ADV, Bandai, et. al. cannot afford to import “dogs” even if we are willing to pay a premium for our hobby. At nearly 40 times the going rate for an American series, fansubs be damned: they aren’t giving value for their money, and they will go out of business if that’s their plan. Continue reading

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Good or Bad News?

Via ANN, a statement (at last) from ADV: We know there are a lot of rumors swirling about, and that fans are looking for assurances that ADV will continue to distribute the anime series they know and love. While we … Continue reading

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Not Good News….

Uh-oh. Several titles have been removed from ADV Films’ website since last Monday, including any reference to them in the site’s main page, store, and trailers, as well as trailers and videos on Anime Network’s website….Notably, all mention of these … Continue reading

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