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Posts about my financial support of the animé industry… and damage to my wallet therefrom.

Things are Looking Up

Well after a couple of seasons of mediocre anime, I’m starting to enjoy it again. One of the reasons is that Dr. Heinous finally convinced me to go watch Steins;Gate. I had intended to do that when it started back … Continue reading

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Yosuga no Sora, the…. computer?

Damn, I’m on a posting binge today. Also spotted over at Crunchyroll: An anime-themed laptop That’s right, show your taste by carting around a $3k laptop advertising a porno game/anime about a girl who seduced her own brother and then … Continue reading

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Dirty Pair Question

Is this actually it? THE Dirty Pair TV series, not the OVA’s? Twenty-six whole episodes! Hm. I think I’m going to be putting in another order to Robert, right quick if that’s so.

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New Order In

Rather overdue, but I’ve been busy. Kampfer — Obligation buy. The facts that the school prez is hawt and Akane’s schizo transformations crack me up have nothing to do with my purchase of such a lowbrow property… /whistles innocently Evangelion … Continue reading

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Overdue Order

It’s been several months since I’ve patronized RACS, but I finally got on the stick and put an order in: Kanokon – DVD 1. Obligation buy. All that’s left out there, because I waited so long. Gurren Lagenn – boxed … Continue reading

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Order Time

Way overdue in fact, but it’s time to loosen the purse strings a bit. My pusher, er, RACS, was just sent the following order: All obligation buys this time: Last 3 DVD’s of Code Geass R2 Kannagi: Crazy Shrine Maidens, … Continue reading

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I gave in… (Update)

Been sitting on my wallet too long. Went ahead and ordered the full first season of AMG, which is coming out in a thinpack on Sept. 1. Grabbed the movie, and a half-season of Busou Renkin while I was at … Continue reading

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