I gave in… (Update)

Been sitting on my wallet too long. Went ahead and ordered the full first season of AMG, which is coming out in a thinpack on Sept. 1. Grabbed the movie, and a half-season of Busou Renkin while I was at it.

It was a bit of a waste to do it that way, since I already have the first 4 CD’s of AMG season 1, but I didn’t want to risk ordering used copies on Amazon. Besides which, I’d rather support Robert than Jeff Bezos.

Anyway, watching the video kind of brought back the parts of the series I liked best; Urd and her schemes, the ridiculous sempai, Skuld being cute and exasperating at the same time; even Sayoko. I always felt sorry for her though; it becomes really obvious that she’s lonely, and as she interacts more with Belldandy and Keichi, it shows.

Update: And that’s why I like Robert. Already shipped, even the one that wasn’t supposed to be out for two more weeks!

Funny thing is, I’ve found myself going back and watching more older anime than just AMG. I watched FS/N the other night, and I also loaded up Inuyasha. Trying to decide on what next; maybe even DearS or Grenadier. This season just isn’t keeping my attention. The only series I’m following are Pandora Hearts, Princess Lover, Bakamonogatari, and bits of Melancholy S2 and Spice & Wolf 2. I’m only looking forward to Bakamonogatari, each week. Pandora’s problem is that Oz is basically a child for most of 20 episodes. Melancholy just hasn’t got the same pizzaz it used to — I think they’re directing Aya Hirano more restrained, and the animation just isn’t up to KyoAni standards. Princess Lover doesn’t even have a plot worth mentioning — though it’s a guilty pleasure. The girls are really cute, and the protagonist is cut from Taro Hanayuko cloth — plus he’s old enough to appreciate their charms.

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