Order Time

Way overdue in fact, but it’s time to loosen the purse strings a bit. My pusher, er, RACS, was just sent the following order:

All obligation buys this time:
Last 3 DVD’s of Code Geass R2
Kannagi: Crazy Shrine Maidens, disks 1 and 2 (which was cheaper than the set, go figure)
Strike Witches

That’s all for now. Smaller than some of my orders … Otoboku and Ouran Host Club still get the cold shoulder. The former was just… too unbelievable, and the latter…. ok I feel guilty, because it was a surprisingly good show, but it just doesn’t have any rewatch value for me. The joy of watching it was in discovering the unexpected depths to all the characters (well, except for Honey, who was just weird). But once you discover all that, what do you do? There’s not much else…

And Queen’s Blade shall not grace my optical drive. My hard drive is still complaining that it feels cheapened by the few episodes I watched. (Related: I’m sort of hoping that they left a lot of the fog IN for Strike Witches; some of them are way too young to be that ecchi.)

Update: I am such an idiot. Strike Witches was not an obligation buy, because I didn’t bittorrent it. I bought it from Crunchyroll, back when they were doing DTO.

Oh well, supporting dead Japanese animé companies counts too. Right?

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