Strike Witches Notes

Haven’t watched far enough to determine if they removed a lot of the fog. Not sure I want to. Even though I knew, I’d forgotten just how much the first episode sticks the viewer’s nose into the crotches of little girls, and just how rare pants were. As in Miyafuji’s entire class was missing them, not just the Strike Witches.

Keeping otaku out of jail everywhere...

The liner has notes about the girls, including their “colors.” Not, you understand, their national colors, but their panties’ colors. Helpful shots are provided, just in case you forgot after the episode.

“The War on Pants” indeed.

What’s scary is this actually could have been a really decent show, without the panties and the screwed up ending. It hits the right buttons and pulls the right strings. It’s just….Gonzo. Or rather, it was Gonzo

Of course, given the borderline nature of this show, the caption “Jury Recommended” takes on some scary unintended meanings. I know, they mean the Japan Media Arts Festival, but still…

I did find it odd that there are no trailers and no other extras. There were a couple of inserts about upcoming shows, but that was it.

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