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That waste of time known as my existence.

New Anthem

And my theme song, henceforth. We Don’t Run

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Here We Go Again…

Barely got dried out from the Memorial Day flood, and now a wet tropical storm is coming at us. Looks like it the worst will miss just to the west, but not by much; we could get 3=4″ across most … Continue reading

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Oh yeah, I forgot the title….

You’ll understand that at the end… Heh. So, Anime. That which must be done in deep dark secrecy, and with much hand-washing afterwards. As if! Nay, we otaku verily revel in our sin and delight! What, us, wash our hands? … Continue reading

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Who Invited Al (Jazeera) Gore?

Seriously. Sleet and icing in Houston… in March???

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Yes, I’m still alive. No, I’m not watching much anime. No, I’m not even motivated to talk about manga and LN’s. I’m also busy at work.

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Life, the Universe, and my Health

What’s this? Another post in the same week? Crazy, dude. Next thing you know, I’ll be talking about animé, again. No major changes to my health, but a big minor one: my voice is starting to come back. According to … Continue reading

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Yes, I’m Still Alive

Haven’t felt much like blogging, barely into anime for a few weeks there. Now I’m catching up on last season (Nekomonogatari, Railgun) and starting one new show (Arpeggio), while downloading a few others (Freezing Vibration, Maken-Ki OVA) for later. Would … Continue reading

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