Still Here, Still Dry (updated)

But it was close.

Remember this bridge? Picture taken 8/27...

(Edit: Report of bridge collapse was FAKE.)


, that bridge isn’t there anymore. My brother said he felt it moving when we stopped to take pictures, but I thought he mean vibration from the truck that passed us (also taking pictures). It was a big rig’s cab (only), and it’s normal for bridges to flex a bit under load. I didn’t notice anything, but I’m still having very minor issues with dizziness

, so maybe I was too “off” to notice.

In other news, the San Jacinto has overtopped I-10, the Addicks reservoir has overtopped the spillway (NEVER happened before , and it dates to the 1930’s or 40’s, and we have only light rain here. Baytown and Galveston are getting hammered, and it’s moving east.

UPDATE: Here’s a thread on the bridge collapse. It has a google maps pic of it from above; here’s the street view (don’t know when it was taken), and the last photo I took again.

Google View. It's actually up a bit in this picture.

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