Bridge Out! (Edited)

Edited: I should have remained skeptical. The Fakebook thread was false, and I also relied on a friend who was likewise fooled by it. The report of the bridge collapse is false.

I’d gotten a report on social media last night, but I didn’t believe it. However, the HC Sherrif’s office confirmed it today; the Woodforest bridge west of Normandy has collapsed. I’ve appended more to the prior message, but I wanted to make an extra post to show this:

Hard right turn? Water can't do that.

From the map and the pictures I posted, you can see that Greens Bayou takes a hard westerly turn, not once, but twice in a short span. The second time is just south of the bridge (I was facing south when taking the pictures). Millions of tons of water can NOT just change course and avoid the neighborhood. It piles up and tries to go over, following the blue arrows into my neighborhood and into the small bayou (which I now know is named Jordan’s Gully). Eventually it rejoins the main channel just East of Normandy, near where I took this picture, back when I could get off my street.

Sorry, it's one of those flippng pictures from the iPhone.

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