A Brief Interlude of Animé

Ok, so far I’ve watched:

  • Mars Daybreak #6, which finished that series. Entirely too clichéd at the end.
  • Godannar #5, which puts me 1 DVD from completion. Some answers are appearing, but not enough. My psychic theory has seen evidence both pro and con. We do get one very important answer: the two American pilots aren’t lesbians. At least, not to start.
  • Excel Saga #1, just into the third episode. At that point I decided that watching it alone was a waste. I put it back in the case, and I’m going to hold on to it until Dr. Heinous and I can kick back for a couple of days worth of animé binging, and then I’m going to watch in a state of legal intoxication. It’s just the kind of show that the brain cells should not be operational. Well, not all of them, anyway. This show is what Bobo Bobobobobo-(oh, whatever) wishes it could be. It’s just so hilariously wrong, on so many levels.
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