Not Quite Dead Yet

No, I haven’t died. Work is hell right now and I’m coming home mentally drained. I watched Divergence Eve on Sunday and am trying to work up the energy to watch it again and write up a review. Managed to exchange a few e-mails with Steven over it, but that was about it.

Watched the first DVD. Four immediate thoughts.

Beats the hell out of Godannar. Slight difference, Godannar intentionally has comedic aspects.
Never seen a less appropriate closer.
You were right, they stripped the extras. Nothing but previews.
The CGI looks like it was done on my PC, in a game.

I just can’t express how badly mismatched the closer is. No matter how I express that, it won’t be enough to convey the reality. I swear, it’s not even from the same show. I think the budget ran out before they did the animation and song, so they swiped one from another show entirely.

It’s a damn good animé, I recommend it. But try not to be too distracted by the humungusized tits.

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