I Held Out As Long As I Could

Well, thanks to the $$$ crunch from dental work and other things, I had to halt my animé purchases for a while. I managed to hang tight while beating down the credit cards, but I was starting to get the shakes, see Skuld lurking with a bomb around every corner, and have odd dreams involving giant robots and cute girls. When I found myself plotting the fastest way to deal with Hezbollah positions in Lebannon using combat maid androids, I decided I’d best get my fix before I started calling NASA to see if they’d spotted any green-haired alien babes on the recent shuttle mission.

Sooooooo, I just contacted my pusher through his super-seekrit online order form, and had him send me several hours worth of mind crack:

Excel Saga Complete Collection DVD Boxed Set (Thin-Pak)
Divergence Eve Complete Collection DVD Boxed Set (Thin-Pak)
Mars Daybreak, Vol #6 DVD
Godannar, Vol #5, International Affairs DVD
Starship Operators, Vol #1, Revolution DVD

Excel Saga: I’ve heard too much about this one for too long, mostly thanks to TRG. Got to check it out; this show sounds seriously demented. Fits me to a ‘T’.
Divergence Eve: I just can’t pass up those cows! I mean pilots. Pilots! Whatever. The second series has gotten rave reviews but you gotta see this one first or nothing makes sense.
Mars Daybreak: Finally finishing this series off. I hate to say it, but I started having problems with Vess on the last DVD. She went from “I want to kill Gram” to “I want to kiss Gram” a bit too quickly. One thing though, her dad is definately in cahoots with the big conspiricy.
Godannar: Robots and scantilly clad babes. How can I argue with that? Two more after this one, and then I’m done. I have to admit, my interest is slacking a bit in it. The story is thin, and when they start giving you stats on the monsters, you know they’ve skimped on the plot.
Starship Operators: Sorta obligated myself to buy this series by watching the fansubs. It’s the best damn space-military show since Banner of the Stars. Although there’s not many fleet engagements, every battle is tense and well done. Only negative is that they have a tendency towards “Geordi LaForge” solutions from the first officer. And the ending is rather ambiguous, which was my biggest problem with the series.

Ah My Goddess! didn’t make the cut this month, but now that I’ll have finished off Mars Daybreak, I’m thinking a smaller order might be in order late next month, and I can pick it up then. Also, I need to see the reviews on “This Ugly Yet Beautiful World.” I couldn’t decide from the pre-release publicity if it was worthwhile or just another thin plot with fanservice tacked on.

And now, back to your usual programming.

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