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4Kids, Sailor Moon Ripoffs, and Seiyuu

Just because I can’t access the site’s email server while at work, I’m doing a quick post to answer some questions of SDB. 4Kids also did One Piece.  They are famous, er, infamous, for editing, “dumbing down,” and “kiddiefying” several … Continue reading

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New Animé Terms and Concepts?

Steven DenBeste discusses the arms race. The animé arms race that is, as he writes on the concept of simple plot or setting devices taken to their extreme. In honor of Gillette and Shick, he christens it “the five-bladed razor,” … Continue reading

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Updating a Few Things

I just added two more websites to the links at the left, and bumped three. Welcome aboard to Riuva and Baboon Pirates! Sayonara to OfftheKuff, Ann Coulter, and People’s Republic of Seabrook. Ann’s “crazy conservative lady” act has gotten old, … Continue reading

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A Brief Interlude of Animé

Ok, so far I’ve watched: Mars Daybreak #6, which finished that series. Entirely too clichéd at the end. Godannar #5, which puts me 1 DVD from completion. Some answers are appearing, but not enough. My psychic theory has seen evidence … Continue reading

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I Held Out As Long As I Could

Well, thanks to the $$$ crunch from dental work and other things, I had to halt my animé purchases for a while. I managed to hang tight while beating down the credit cards, but I was starting to get the … Continue reading

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