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A Few Reasons to Watch Sacred Seven

It wasn’t a deathly serious series, but it wasn’t mecha, like I thought. It also had good reasons to watch it. Bear in mind that in that last picture, the “rifle” (really a 20mm cannon) is resting on the hood … Continue reading

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Things are Looking Up

Well after a couple of seasons of mediocre anime, I’m starting to enjoy it again. One of the reasons is that Dr. Heinous finally convinced me to go watch Steins;Gate. I had intended to do that when it started back … Continue reading

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Needs Testosterone Therapy

So I got into a discussion over at Steven’s place about who the male lead most in need of some testosterone was. Steven and J. Greely are holding out for Kio, who somehow never quite seems to notice he’s got … Continue reading

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Demon King Extra: Special #1

Well, as I said in the earlier update, it turns out there aren’t any OVA’s, they’re extras from the DVD/BD releases. Apparently they started coming out early last month, and there’s at least 3 planned. They’re about three and a … Continue reading

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Fanservicey Time

Like I said about Another World, they skipped to some fanservicey time, courtesy of Setsuna and Asuna. Quite NSFW below the fold, naturally, and not behind spoiler tags, since there’s not really much text, it’s just cheesecake. edit: whoops! Need … Continue reading

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Bored Again…

Don’t ask me how I can be this busy and bored at the same time. But I am. So here’s the results of a few minutes with the Automotivator. Warning! NSFW below the fold!

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No, Seriously…

How am I supposed to remember a little blood and violence after seeing all this, in Sekirei? Warning! NSFW below the fold!

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