Fanservicey Time

Like I said about Another World, they skipped to some fanservicey time, courtesy of Setsuna and Asuna.

Quite NSFW below the fold, naturally, and not behind spoiler tags, since there’s not really much text, it’s just cheesecake.

edit: whoops! Need to put the fold IN, first…

I tried to get these two into a single picture, but they changed the distance and coloring subtly as they panned up.

….aaaaaaaand that’s the last stitch of clothing for these two, until the closer. Unfortunately, they have about as many nipples between them, as stitches. “I came for the fanservice and all I got was the second coming of Horo.” Heh.

The closing shot:

Do you get the feeling the artist really likes DFC? That’s the only way Yuuna could have earned back row in this shot.

You know, that one makes me regret ZoomPlayer has reset itself (I had to reinstall) to take 848×480 shots again….and I can’t find the setting to change it.

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