Order Arrived

And Fate/Stay Night is going straight to the shelf, where it can stay. That’s one series that was bittersweet on it’s own, but just plain damn bitter once you add in all the canon from the games and novels.

Not really a lot else to say. Maybe I’ll watch the first two Code Geass DVD’s. In the end, for all that I felt like I was laughing at it for being so silly, the show redeemed itself and pulled out a hell of an ending.

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3 Responses to Order Arrived

  1. Code Geass is not a show I ever had any interest in. Between the hideous character designs and the emo protagonist, not to mention all the mechas, it just seemed like a waste of time.

  2. Ubu Roi says:

    Like Fate/Stay Night, it’s just not for everyone. As for Lulu, I think he had to be a bit emo; it keeps his superiority and megalomania in check. He’d really become tedious if he were always cool, collected, and engaging in his flair for theatrics; the fact that he can be badly rattled makes him more human.

    He’s a brilliant master tactician and Prince of Brittania, which makes it easy to forget he’s still just a 17 year old in high-school when it starts. I’m reasonably certain I was fairly emo at that age.

    I definitely lacked the hawt mecha pilots and world conquest, though. I mean think about it… he hasn’t yet graduated high school when he conquered the world!

    Damn, I’m such a slacker.

  3. Dr.Heinous says:

    I’ve really enjoyed Code Geass. The plot twists have been really great; Leluche is quite brilliant, but things often go very awry, no fault of his own. And when they do it is terrible.

    I did have a hard time at first getting over the.. ahem, somewhat odd character designs. Almost though I was watching Aeon Flux or something. But past all that the story is quite good.

    I’m going to have to get the Stainless Steel Brat a copy; no doubt she will take inspiration from it.

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