All Hail Brittania

I’m not going to get into a series review, or even an episode review. I’m just going to say this:

As much fun as we made of it for having a trainwreck of a plot or going off the rails, or the end of Emperor Charles being disappointing… When the chips were down and it was time for the show to punch all the buttons, hit all the dramatic notes, and go out on top, it did just that and in style. A bit talky in the first half, but I didn’t mind much; they were playing out the central themes of the show across half-a-dozen conversations, with no lack of action at the same time. And in the end, we had, not just one tragic hero, but two. It could have been a huge disappointment, but that bullet was dodged. Instead, I think it was a huge triumph, with pathos, heroism, loss, and victory.

All hail Lelouche. All hail Suzaku. All hail Nunnally.

All hail Brittania.

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