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Now we know why the plot in the first half of Code Geass R2 felt like a re-hash of the first season: The director was screwed when Sunrise and the network moved it to 6pm Sundays, which meant that the more adult-themed plot and storyboards had to be tossed out, and he was scrambling to re-write and recover. It took several weeks, which is why there are so many lame logic gaps and then the show’s quality suddenly picked up in early mid-season.

That’s what he claims in the interview that was summarized at the link above. Believe it if you choose to; myself, I’m not sure how the timeslot could make that much difference.

Also, it’s confirmed that the production schedule went off the rails in season one, leading to two unplanned recaps. Episodes 24 & 25 were green-lighted to make up for it later. Meaning one recap was planned? Does that mean we can expect a recap soon in R2?

There is some fan speculation that they might be aiming to re-create the second season in OVA form, since it’s been stated there is zero chance of a season 3; one way or the other, it’s going to be all over with. If they’re going to go that far, they should just pull an Evangelion and reboot the whole series. Or should I have said “pull a Gundam?”

Wait, why does this keep happening with mecha shows?

(Hm, not true that it’s just mecha, see Kanon, ’04 and ’06).

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