No Grass on Field

From ANN:

Coharu Sakuraba’s Kyo no Gononi (Kyō no 5 no 2 or Today in Class 5-2) manga is being adapted as a television anime series. The comedy manga follows the “lightly ecchi,” everyday life of fifth grader Ryōta Satō, his childhood friend Chika Koizumi, and the rest of their school’s Class 5-2. The manga was already adapted into a four-episode video series in 2006. The television series will premiere in Japan in the fall.

Fifth graders.

“Lightly ecchi.”

Greaaaaaat. Kodomo no Jikan with 11-year-olds instead of nines. That’s so much better. If that’s Chika on the cover (looks like a young Luna from Gravion), then I’m afraid. Very afraid.

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