Gravion Zwei, Episode 2

Well here we go, another bit of insanity….

Snnnrk. You call that a website? C’mon the chibi flash animation is just not cutting it. Mess with people, put pics of Eiji and Toga up there. In drag, of course.

Another reason Eiji has the kiddie harem. Sandman knows better than to waste epic melonpan on the kids. You know, given the use of gravatic power here, I think it’s a lock that the women all have antigravity bras to spare their backs from pain.

Oooooooooh, someone’s jealous!

Wait, the fact that the drill’s not spiral… what? Oh well. Simon and Kamina would be disappointed… and hey, Thoria’s no Yoko, but I like the view anyway.

Good grief. He can’t even suggest a picnic without getting melodramatic. Someone cue his spotlight. Better yet, someone cue his haberdasher. Gawd, what an outfit.

You know, every time that little redheaded minx is looking at Eiji, she’s either smirking or leering. I hope he’s remembering to lock his bedroom door at night, or that prison sentence might get moved up a few episodes.

Full Melon Panic. aka the “I just died and went to Heaven” view. Three drunken maids? Oh HELL yeah… And based on Ms. Mizuki’s observation that photo might just be a fake after all.

Drunk aggressive maids? Drunk lonely aggressive maids? This has potential. Cue up the bow chika bow wow music, please.

Darn, just when I thought it was going to get good. The girls accidentally activate the G-Driller, and things get a little scrambled in the chase.

OMG. I was going to complain that they went through the whole stock combine sequence (save the Driller’s scene, which wouldn’t make sense), even though it was just to reset the Driller….and then when I re-ran it in slo-mo for a screenshot, I caught this. Too. Damn. Funny.

Huh. And all that time, I never made the phonetic connection with “Sandman.” Given how Japanese contractions work, it’s blindingly obvious… in hindsight.

Well, ok. Maybe watching Code Geass R2 just before this was the key. It sure put me in the mood for bizarre plot twists, after all.

and finally….

Needs more screentime. (And is apparently about to get it, in the onsen episode…)

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4 Responses to Gravion Zwei, Episode 2

  1. The chick from high school with the pale pink blouse on top of the black shirt, with the purple hair? She’s Eiji’s love interest, and she’s the only female in the entire series that they don’t play for the ridiculous at any point. (She’s the one who ended up in the hospital at the end of the first series.)

    What’s interesting is that she’s his only love interest. There’s no love triangle around him, let alone anything more complicated. That was a surprise and a relief. Perhaps one of the few dusty tropes they DIDN’T throw in along with the kitchen sink.

    As to Brigitta, the red headed loli, she is definitely mature beyond her years. I wonder if she’s a 35-year-old midget? Fortunately Anya and Cecily aren’t as out of control.

    Thoria is my favorite supporting character. She gets a really good scene later in the series, for a minor character. Considering that she’s the chief tech, it’s not going too far to say she’s one of the most important members of the team. I’d put her above everyone except Sandman, Raven, and the crew members.

  2. Um, I’m not sure what you mean in your spoiler regarding the painting. Maybe I’ve just forgotten. (It’s been a long time since I watched it.)

  3. Ubu Roi says:

    Not the painting, it was the discussion taking place between the president and his assistant. I’d assumed that the ridiculous castle was something he built and named Saint Germain on a whim. But then they made the connection to Count Saint Germain, and I went, “Oh! SAiNt gerMAiN.” Allow a bit for translation and Japanese pronunciation, and you get SAN(D)MAN. A clue, right out in the open, yet concealed.

    And I am not twittering the onsen episode, but I’m beginning to see why you say they could not be trying to tell this story straight.

  4. If the director were a newcomer, some of the kinds of things that show up here could be explained as inexperience combined with enthusiasm and earnestness. But he isn’t a newcomer. He’s been in the industry for 20 years and has been directing nearly that long. He’s also been heavily involved in a lot of mecha series, such as Dangaioh and D-1 Devastator.

    He’s not only the director; he’s one of the creators and had his hand in the mecha designs and character designs. This is his project, top to bottom. And I can’t believe someone that seasoned could create the kind of show he gave us and really mean it seriously. I don’t buy it.

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