Gravion Zwei, DVD 1, sorta twittered again

Because I can’t call it liveblogging; it’s on DVD!

So, I’ve finally found a drool-worthy female pilot in this show.

Captain Fae Xin Lu; salute!

And I also see that Lt. Alex Smith survived his plane being shot down in the final episode of Gravion. I expected as much; he’s doomed to meet Eiji in drag again, I know it.

JUST a cotton-picking minute here. Eiji was playing strip mah jong… with the 12-year olds? Dude! Of course, this is the same gang of girls that forcibly stripped him for his physical. Twice. And look where every eye leads. Well, he may be robbing the cradle, but at least he didn’t raid Kodomo no Jikan for his harem . Um, or given the eyes, maybe he did. Eiji is so going to end up in prison at the end of the series.

Update: So Eiji lost the next hand and took the Gran Knights down with him too; they’ve got to be maids for a day. But….why are he and Toga in drag? More disturbingly, why do they look good in it? I’ve got to stop hanging out at Derailed by Darry….

Update: Ok, this picture JUST blew my theory out of the water, unless it’s faked.

Update: too many stills and pans. They better be saving the budget for something good.

Update: And now we see what. Spiffy new launch sequence. Looks good… as long as I don’t have to watch it. EVERY. FREAKING. EPISODE. Y’know, I finally figured out what that is…. It isn’t mecha fanservice. It’s mecha pr0n.

And the good Captain knows Toga. Hmmmm.

Wait, if he could whistle up the Gran Fortress, why was Sandman flying commercial?

Oh, good Lord. The standing on the outside of the bridge and stripping instantly into combat uniform. Godannar pulled that one too. And I just realized something; it’s probably a cultural meme based on the actions of an admiral (no time to look up references) who, while fighting the Russians, stood on top of the bridge outside the armor, to direct the battle. But seriously, going Hollywood with it is just too over the top. I see why Steven says it’s parody. I mean, is it possible to believe they were doing this straight?

ARRRRRGH. More mecha pr0n. Almost the full combine sequence from season one, save they combined four shots into one and shaved maybe eight seconds off of it.

Update: Wait, wait… Have they got to summon the sword from the moon every time they use it?? OMG. I really do see Steven’s point now. It’s so stupid it has to be brilliant. But I really don’t believe it, yet.

Update: And just who the hell are they? I knew something weird was up when we heard the orders given by the Zeravaire command in the final arc of the first series. Now we see who’s given the orders, and they’re (psuedo-) human?

And, well, the closing credits aren’t exactly Vandred-worthy, but not too shabby.

Ok, that’s going to have to be it for tonight. Twitter-blogging is kinda fun, but it’s a time consuming way to watch anime. And I need two monitors. Final thoughts before packing it in…. If it gets crazier than this, I can see why some might think it’s a parody. Simple self=defense by the ego… It’s got to a parody, or otherwise you have to admit to yourself that you’ve spent 12 hours watching the most inane dreck ever to be broadcast in the history of mankind.

Well, until the next episode of Divorce Court, anyway.

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4 Responses to Gravion Zwei, DVD 1, sorta twittered again

  1. Believe me, it gets much sillier and stranger.

  2. AvatarADV says:

    Yeah, it’s kind of a “you ain’t seen nothin’ yet” situation.

    After ep 8, it struck me that the plot resembles a certain kind of self-insertion fic. You’ll know what I mean when you get there…

  3. Wonderduck says:

    Admiral Togo, Battle of Tsushima. Also the man who brought curry to the Japanese. See for more details.

  4. Ubu Roi says:

    That’s where I saw the story. Couldn’t remember and wasn’t going to stop the DVD to spend time looking it up. Thanks.

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