In Other News…

I thought I’d check out the latest on ADV and see if they were quite dead yet. The answer is “no” but there were two pieces of news, one quite sad.
Unsurprisingly, they’re going to reissue old stuff they still have the licenses to, until they get a new Japanese partner. Not what they said, but it’s obvious from the limited run of 10,000 copies of Battle Angel DVD’s that will be released. As a side note to this, it looks like Cameron has abandoned his plans for a live-action adaptation, or at least pushed them back for a couple of years. On a sadder note, ADV voice actor Mike Klienhenz, the English voice of FMP’s Audry Kalinin (First Officer of the Tuatha de Danan) has passed away.

And the third Black Lagoon project is confirmed! (Which has nothing to do with ADV, but yay anyway!

Edit: Oh, I almost forgot… we really do make them bigger in America. Charlotte’s got quite the… ears.

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