Maid Guy #9

At long last, the drought has ended, and Maid Guy #9 has been fansubbed. Praise the Lord and pass the milk jug, we’re going to the Sweet Holstein Cake Shoppe! Yes, indeedy, the new Maid Guy was the very breast episode yet.

Application Criteria: “Girls with breasts larger than D-cup. For every centimeter larger than 95cm, 50 yen will be added to your wage. Anything less than D-cup will not be recognized as breasts. B and A-cups with large stupid gaps for cleavage are absolutely out of the question. Are they even really breasts?”

Well, I think the question deserves close examination. Very close examination.

Wait….um, what was the question again?

Oh, and by the way, the show was funny as hell too. The first ten minutes had me rolling — and of course it got really crazy when Kogarashi took over the competing cake shop. Those were some highly… unique recipes!

C’mon, I’m not going to disappoint — of course, we have to have Naeka in a cake-girl meido costume!

I have to assume that the cow breed and the bell were jokes that wouldn’t go over the Japanese audience’s head, even though those are from the west.

Anyway, I’ve missed my Maid Guy fix, and it was good to get it again. This show was the, ahem, ‘big’ winner, and I found myself moooo-ved by it. It was the cream of the spring season, and I hope that they can milk the franchise for a couple more.

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