Bottom Feeding

Steven’s been cheering Media Blasters on for some of their recent licenses, calling them “bottom feeders,” yet complimenting them on bringing over animé that others might not bother with.

Media Blasters has actually given us a lot of things I wouldn’t expect anyone else to license: Ramen Fighter Miki, for instance. And High School Girls.

And they definitely get big points for Grenadier. So, Media Blasters, even though I tease you, I’m glad you’re in the business. Keep bringing us the offbeat, the things no one else will touch!

I do not think that term means what you think it means.

ADV Films has confirmed its release schedule for several initial volumes of new series, two collections, and a one-shot film. Magikano Volume 1 and a US$19.99 double-pack, which brings together the classic 1993 comedy Dragon Half and the Excel Saga spinoff Puni Puni Poemy, are scheduled for December 4.

Now THAT is bottom feeding! (Classic? In a 1973 AMC Gremlin sort of way, maybe….)

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2 Responses to Bottom Feeding

  1. I must admit, that really is tasteless. I sure as hell don’t understand how anyone could consider Dragonhalf to be a “classic”. Unless you mean “classic failure” or “a stupid classic” or “a classic waste of time”. Gaah.

  2. Ubu Roi says:

    Well, I started to say “1976 Ford Pinto,” but, while it was known for its, er, explosive qualities, it just didn’t have the sheer ugly going for it that the Gremlin did.

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