This is Why All Night Cyber Cafes are Bad for You

Man dies after playing online games for three straight days.

I’m rather glad the game wasn’t identified, because, frankly, it’s irrelevant. The press would love to spin it as the game’s fault, just to sell a few extra ads, but that’s stupid and misleading. Ya know, I suspect if he was that fucked up, I suspect he had health problems other than anything that might be caused by gaming too much. The kind of person who never leaves the computer probably has not taken good care of himself.

There’s a supposed cyber-cafe near me. Actually it’s a run-down dump of a shop run by a geek and his son; there’s no food and the rentable comps are some dusty old systems they couldn’t sell that are stuck in a corner with high stools to sit on. I made the mistake of setting foot in there once to see if they had some old laptops for sale, and gracefully extracted myself as fast as possible. A clean shop and polite staff doesn’t mean they know jack, but a cluttered dump with bare concrete floors, poor lighting, parts tossed everywhere, and an un-knowledgeable clerk (the son) who has no clue about the prices of anything on sale there doesn’t inspire confidence either.

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2 Responses to This is Why All Night Cyber Cafes are Bad for You

  1. Too much of ANYTHING can kill you.

    Well, wait, I don’t know if too much money can kill you. I volunteer to be a guinea pig in some study that will prove this once and for all. I’m happy to provide benefit to all mankind in this way!

  2. Ubu Roi says:

    Ok, you do money, I’ll do sex with beautiful women. We’ll compare notes later.

    Although, from what I’ve seen, if you’ve got enough of the former, you can get plenty of the latter.

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