And I Thought a 344″ Screen Would Be Fun

Kudos to Fledgling Otaku for yet another bit of console news:

Wii just won the console wars. It’s over folks.

During an extended technical demonstration for a new, unnamed Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 Star Wars title, LucasArts staff have confirmed to Gamasutra the company’s intense interest in creating a Wii lightsaber game, if not yet its explicit existence.

To top it all off, the controller being demo’d had a built in speaker.

Game over. Game over, dude. You just don’t know the power of the dork side.

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One Response to And I Thought a 344″ Screen Would Be Fun

  1. I just bought a Wii myself, partly because of the video you linked here a while ago.

    And when I stroll into Best Buy, looking for stuff, I see lots of PS3 games, lots of Xbox360 games, lots of GameCube games…and one tiny section of Wii stuff. Yes, the 360’s been out a year and a half, and the Wii is still new…but so’s the 360.

    At least I’m having fun bowling…

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