Picked Up Today

Went by Fry’s to look for a quick animé fix.

FMP:TSR, DVD 3. Already watched, didn’t like it as much as the previous one. It’s hard to watch someone falling apart and that’s what’s happening to Sagara. And Tessa didn’t help, going all schoolgirl angsty and breaking down in front of him. Pity no superior saw it, she should have been relieved of duty.

Ghost Stories, DVD 1.
The few reviews I’ve found of it say that unless you’re a purist, the rewritten dialog in the English version is hilarious. Seeing as ADV has done a bang-up job with prior “tweaks,” it ought to be good.

Outlaw Star: Anime Legends Edition.
They’re just trying to mess with me. Sunrise/Bandai, 26 episodes, 3 DVD’s. And no, it’s not bootleg. I missed a couple of the early episodes a few years ago on CN, including Hilda’s death. Now I can finally watch them.

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