Seriously, Way Too Cool….

Fledgling Otaku had quite the find the other day with this.

The ultimate benefit of movies going digital a few years ago has just been proved by these guys. And yes, I’m terribly jealous. I want my own movie theater now. Forget playing the PC on Dr.Heinous’ widescreen…..

Update: Follow the link to “going digital” I just added above for a lot more from Popular Mechanics about the technology. H/T to Instapundit.

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3 Responses to Seriously, Way Too Cool….

  1. Wonderduck says:

    I’m extremely fortunate to have an old projector that Duck U. was getting rid of. It’s 640×480, and slooooow (forget about playing any FPS games on it!), and really can only be used when it’s dark outside, but boy, there is something great about watching anime with a 72″ screen (aka a white sheet)!

    Come to think of it, I should set it up and get a nice life-sized shot of Haruhi-sama…

    …but it really can’t compare to the 355″ screen these guys have!

  2. And the first Holodeck becomes reality.

    Somehow…I find this a bit frightening. I dunno why, it just unnerves me.

    Still, I think “Wii Fishing” would be pretty cool, you could probably hook a sailfish or something.

  3. Brickmuppet says:


    Wow that is just…


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