Roast Duck For Dinner?

Wonderduck has thrown down the gauntlet. It’s the “Big C” vs. the fleur-de-lis, and our front pages as the prize!

Hey, Ubu! Yeah, you Saints fan, I’m talkin’ to you!

You’ve got to drag your gold-clad arses up to Chicago next week so the Bears can kick ’em ’round Soldier Field. “Who Dat?” The BEARS, dat’s who!***

Wanna put the front page of your blog up as a bet? When my Bears win, you put a big ol’ Bears logo as the top post for a few days. If the Ain’ts somehow pull a miracle out of their socks, I’ll put a Frenchy-style fleur-de-lis up here on The Pond.

Whaddya say? Gonna stand by your team?

***(The Duck Sez: I’m not really as confident as I sound. I see the two teams as being basically even, more or less, with a slight advantage going to the Bears because of home-field and weather.)

Well, actually, I think it’s better than a slight edge to Chicago, but paradoxically, I was pulling for them to win over Seattle, since A) Historically, the Saints and Bears have played great, entertaining games against each other, going back to Walter Peyton’s days, and B) We couldn’t let Steven’s team get any further in the playoffs, now could we? 😉

Oh wait, he’s in Portland–wrong state. Oh well, it’s still the closest NFL team to him, so it’s his by default. 😛

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