Things I Wonder About

An article wherein I muse about random things and buffalo wings.

Student Councils: Are these elected, appointed, or can a core group invite other members? The only series or show I can think of where there is reference to an election is FMP:TSR. Every other animé just seems to have the council “there” or sometimes one or more memebers of the cast are invited to join (Code Geass, Mamoru-kun ni Megami no Shukufuku wo!).

Class priority: Do the low numbered classes have any “prestige” or other significance to them? I notice that the main characters almost always belong to class one or two of their year. FMP is an exception; Kanamé and Souské are in class 4, and there is a class 7 visible in some hallway shots during the ED

de arimasu: There’s a character in Shana (whom I’m not naming, because it’s a spoiler; the character hasn’t appeared in the commercial DVD release yet). that ends virtually every sentence with the phrase “de arimasu” or a varient thereof. It doesn’t matter whether the sentence is a question or statement. What the hell does it mean?

Japanese blondes: Is that just another unnatural hair color like green or blue in animé, or are there actually any blondes in Japan? I know there’s a caucasian minority in some of the northern reaches. Do they have blondes? For that matter, what about redheads?

Buffalo wings: How the hell did they get their name, anyway? (Insert any lame joke about tiny buffalo here.)

Blind Senses Ok, it’s well known that a person who loses their sight gains a greater sensitivity with their other senses. In an over-the-top scene we won’t see on American TV anytime soon, Nina, junior student council member in Code Geass, spends “quality time” with the corner of a table, while staring at a picture of Princess Euphie. I imagine that has to be kind of hard on her panties, considering that she was not exactly doing a slow grind. Natalie rolls into the room, but of course can’t see what she’s doing. It seems to me that she ought to be able to get a clue from her senses of hearing and smell. (I don’t suppose this is the time to mention once having read about the rather unique methods of masturbation invented by the students at a Catholic school for blind girls, to avoid being caught by the nuns?)

Shotacon. What’s the origin of that term? I know it’s a play on “lolicon” and what it means, but I would have expected “shounencon” if it were some kind of Japanese-English kitbash.

40 years. How the hell did the Saints take that long to get to the NFC Championship game? And I’ve been waiting every one of them too. Hell, I still remember what they used to call the “glory days” in the 70’s with Yepremian and Manning. Archie Manning, Peyton’s father. The best they ever did was 8-8. Coach Mora brought the team up from the laughingstock of the league, but not even he could defeat the fundamental problem: the Saints play in New Orleans. There is no town better for distracting players from the business of playing and winning games than the Big Easy. As soon as the team started looking good, the party atmosphere would turn their heads. The problem was solved by the simple expedient of sacking and replacing almost the entire team and staff in a single year. So I give them one good year, maybe two, before things go back to normal. Wait, obviously I’m not wondering about that question, I just answered it.

And finally, where is my Shogun: Total War disk? If I can’t pilot a giant robot or have fantastic powers, I can at least conquer Japan.

Speaking of giant robots, one postscript. The Stainless Steel Brat has passed her tests to be considered for admission to a prestigious science-oriented academy here in Houston. Yay! Next is an interview for entry and maybe a scholarship for it. (Everybody cheer for her!) So give her about four more years for high school, another four for undergraduate college and two for graduate, two more for a little seasoning with a defense contractor. (Maybe 4 if she works in a doctorate) . In about a dozen years I ought to be able to pay the SSB to build me my very own giant robot. Just in time for retirement from the city of Houston, so I can take up a second career of world conquest!

Muahahahahaha! (Practicing my evil laugh.)

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