Faster Than a Speeding Google, More Powerful than a YouTube

Back in October, I wrote:

If you were an individual with the talent to make videos like Ryan and Michael, would you leap at this deal from Google? “Make us content, and we’ll give you $0.35 out of every $1 we make from your video, and we’ll split the advertising revenue too.” And here’s the kicker: YouTube has been inking some deals with movie and song publishers that would allow the use of their materials without YouTube or the creator getting sued or recieving C&D notices–I bet such deals probably have something in the way of royalty provisions. After all, if KyoAni were to get $0.05 for every single viewing of the over two thousand Melancholy clips on You Tube, they’d probably have paid for the series several times over.

Ok, what about viewing it for free, just cut straight to the advertising revenue? Well in a piece of completely related news, the subtitled version of the SOS Brigade’s “release video” is available online. Maybe I’ll sign up later and change the link to my very own and make lots and lots of money.

Heh, with a readership that can be counted without taking off both shoes? I think not. But it is amusing to read my old article and see the words:

Take Shamus’ word for it; his expenses are pretty close to mine, per blog (but I support two blogs now)….

Haha. As if. This was perhaps true, pre-DM of the Rings!

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