AMG2 Coming!

What a night for surfing the internet. Just found over at ANN:

ADV Films Acquires Oh! My Goddess Season 2
As mentioned in our interview with Mike Bailiff, ADV Films has acquired the second season of the Oh! My Goddess TV series (season one was released by Media Blasters). No details regarding the cast or the release are available yet.

Yay! Now I need to finish off Season 1. I kept getting distracted by Godannar and Mars Daybreak. What can I say? Isn’t this distracting to you? (NSFW!!!)

I mean, compare it to this:

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2 Responses to AMG2 Coming!

  1. Andrew F. says:

    Times like these I’m glad not to be a dub watcher. No disrespect to my dub-watching brethren, of course, but realize this: with this announcement, the Ah! Megami-sama franchise is split among four different U.S. licensors. AnimEigo has the original OVA, Geneon has the movie and SD TV series, Media Blasters has season one of the new TV series, and ADV has season two. Each company has used a different dub cast up until now, and there’s no reason for ADV to do any differently. The Japanese cast, on the other hand, has remained almost entirely unchanged since the OVA.

    As for the series itself, I got into fansubs of season one for a while, but then realized that the broadcast version was a 4:3 pan-and-scan conversion of a widescreen production. I really hate this, so I resolved to wait for the DVDs… which I haven’t gotten around to purchasing yet. So you can imagine I’m not super-excited about this; might have an open slot in my viewing schedule around 2008.

    Belldandy is way hotter than that other chick, though.

  2. Ubu Roi says:

    I dunno, I think my fave from the series is Peorth, then Urd. Give Skuld a few years though…

    But I don’t know how anyone can prefer the English voices. The voice is an integral part of the personality and, for that matter, male to female attraction. While there are exceptions (Shizuru in Godannar), the Japanese voices are usually better. They give me one feel for character personality, while the English VA’s give me another — and that doesn’t even count the fact that both the translation and the actor give their own spin.

    Seriously…. Shizuru has the BIGGEST……. eyes.


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