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I’m going to be really busy at work, and then the Thangksgiving holiday will hit, and I tenatively plan to spend the latter part of it in Dallas, hanging out with Dr. Heinous. Aside from that, I’m in mourning, along with many fanboys all over the world.

“I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. I fear something terrible has happened.”

Mizuho has a penis.

Sigh. So much for the double-trap theory. Funny how she he only holds her his dress down for a second, then moves her his hands up to cover her breasts his falsies. But does this mean Mizuho is running around sans underwear? Or did Ichiko somehow miss the morning hard-on? (This scene actually takes place in Ep. 5, after the last picture below.)

At least I’m only in mourning. Some folks are in outright denial.

And of course, you know who was responsible for the revalation. Mariya-san strikes again. Only this time, she didn’t get exactly what she bargained for — in fact, episodes 4 and 5 (which could be considered a 2-parter) probably represent the worst set of failures she’s ever had in teasing Mizuho. Everything backfired hugely. First, she tells ghost stories — in a see through nightie…

But that scares Yukari so badly that the result is…
Place not temptation in my path…

“What have you been DOING??? BAKAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!

Sadly, since this isn’t the game, the answer is “sleeping.” Now at this point, the show’s unreality has reached a maximum that’s only going to be exceeded by the inevitable swimsuit episode. Unfortunately for Mariya, things go downhill from here. Kana-chan is inspired to do some research, and it turns out that Mizuho’s room hasn’t been used for 22 years… ever since a girl died in it. Supposedly, she became a ghost, and was sealed by a monk to keep her from disturbing the dormitory. Unfortunately, the seal is torn, and when Kana finds it…

According to the story, Ichiko is not the student who stayed in the room, but she was the kouhai of the Elder of that time; very sickly, and very, very obsessed with her oneesama. The story’s stupid and has lots of holes in it, but suffice to say, she died in her beloved oneesama’s room, and now that she’s back, why Mizuho looks smells, and acts just like her. (Of course, to no one’s surprise except Mizuzho’s, it was Sachiko, Mizuho’s mother.)

Ichiko is a peculiar ghost, who seems solid only when she’s touching Mizuho, otherwise she passes through walls and people at will. Of course, it’s really late by the time all the talking is done. Speaking of talking, OMG, but this girl rivals Excel for speed, Although Excel’s VA can keep it up longer, assuming they’re not looping every second line. (Wait, “keeping it up” might not be the best phrase to use in this series.)

Er, well, anyway, you know what bedtime means…

This leads to a repeat of “What have you been DOING???? BAKAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!

Cue Ep. 5 and Mariya decides to put a stop to this silly ghost’s infatuation, only to have it blow up in her face, as Ichiko-chan is absolutely delighted to have a boy oneesama. Seems she’d really been pining for some yuri lovin’ from Sachiko, but since Sachiko was straight, no deal. Only now she’s got her oneesama in boy form and that means they can marry!

I admit it, I get a kick out of Mariya’s blush thanks to Ichiko’s hyperactivity causing her to flash her panties right in Mariya’s face. Anyway, cue a couple of stupid subplots regarding Yukari being afraid of, then making friends with Ichiko, and Mizuho finding out that Ichiko’s first oneesama was her his (waaaaaah!) mother. Ichiko rapidly fits in as an extra resident in the dormitory, and presumably spends every night sleeping with oneesama. Now that she knows, one has to wonder just what goes on.

Uhhhhhhhhhh…… What was that about temptation, again?

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