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Well, I decided I’d better get Vandred before it was completely unavailable.  Unfortunately, Robert was sold out of disk 3 and 4, so I poked around on Ebay until I found a complete collection (Series I & II) for sale at a reasonable price, and snagged it.  Free shipping, so I sprung for the insurance.  It actually works out that I get it at about the same price as if I’d bought the individual DVD’s as part of the supersale.  Of course, I imagine the thinkpack collection omits all the extras, like clean OP and EP.  Ah well.  It will mean something besides Dual! and Dokuro-chan to watch with Dr. Heinous on my next trip to Dallas.  Assuming the super-slow mail delievers it in time (doubtful).

According to Steven, it seems to be a concious attempt to duplicate Nadesico (though it lacks an animé-within-an-animé).  Well, there’s certainly worse targets to imitate, but I feel like such a follower myself.  Sheesh.  I don’t know why; I certainly don’t have the least desire to run out and get  Highbane Remmy, or Angel Cake. Whatever.

Well, maybe I’ll do a write-up on Code Geass Ep.5 tonight, a.k.a.: “The Melancholy of Green-Haired Louise.”


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