Some Lovin’ For the Forgotten Haremettes

Well, Riuva went and posted a question at his blog: Which girl do you favor to win the guy in this season’s harem animés? One problem. He dissed several series by omitting them. Now I don’t have a very large readership yet (if ever), so I’ve generally avoided making posts that are designed strictly to ask the readers what they think. I might be embarassed by the results, after all. 🙂 In this case, I’m going to make an exception and give it a shot. And if no one cares, then enh, whatever. Some reader in the far far, future may wander by and find these words etched onto the screen of a dusty monitor somewhere, so look on my words, ye Mighty, and despair! (Though I have no idea who’s going to be paying my hosting bills in this distant future.)

So here’s the shows in question: Kanon, Gift, Crescent Love, and Lovely Idol. Tell everyone who you want to win, and give a brief reason why. I’ll start:

Kanon: Sayuri. Because she qualifies. Also, she’s modest — and every other girl is either bughouse nuts, klepto, sickly, related to Yuuichi, or something else stupid.

Crescent Love: Tohyama. When in doubt, always go for the green-haired babe. Aside from that, she gets my pity vote, becasue I’ve never seen a show introduce a haremette and then completely forget she exists. Has she appeared since episode 2? For that matter, DID she appear in episode 2?

No opinions on Gift or Lovely Idol; I haven’t followed either one. So, what’s everyone else’s opinion, if they’ve seen one or more of these series?

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7 Responses to Some Lovin’ For the Forgotten Haremettes

  1. Wonderduck says:

    Kanon: no opinion as of yet. Ayu is my favorite of the girls (gotta love the backpack scene in ep1), but I’m not sure where the show is going with ANY of them.

    Crescent Love: Natsuki, Natsuki and Natsuki. In that order. Forget Feena Fam Flashlight, forget the green-haired disappearing act (she’s only been in ep1), forget the meido, but root for Natsuki.

    Other two shows? Not having seen either of them, I can only say “go for the one with the biggest (censored).” Because I heard that somewhere, once.

  2. Mob says:

    Kanon: Nayuki. A full explanation would require signifigant spoilers. Non-spoiler reasons: The childhood crush is endearing. I know what adult Nayuki will be like (Akiko). As of right now (2006 series) she is the only one who seems to have an actual romantic interest in Yuuichi. I’m a sucker for purple hair.

    Most of the justification is (like yourself) elimination of the other girls (mostly for spoiler-laden plot reasons). However, there are a few girls that didn’t really get a lot of screen in the orginal series that could make a decent showing in the remake. It looks like the slow pace and 26 episode run will give them a lot more time for interaction with Yuuichi. So, I might have a different answer later.

    I haven’t seen any of the other shows.

  3. Dr.Heinous says:

    Hm. I’ve never seen any of them. Not big on the harem comedies, you know…

  4. Ubu Roi says:

    …and not doing the fansubs until I arrive with the CD’s?

  5. Andrew F. says:

    Here’s another guy who’s only watching Kanon out of all those shows, and there’s no question in my mind that the girl for Kyon is Haruh– oh, wait…

    I guess it would have to be Mai, mostly because she’s been my favorite since the prelude came out. Though I may regret that, since I haven’t really seen much of her character through four episodes. Nayuki is a blood relative, Makoto is a $%^#& tsundere, Shiori is an invalid, and Ayu spooks way too easily (besides, where’s the fun in picking the main girl?). That leaves the requisite quiet but bad-ass samurai chick who will serve as an ideal prototype for Yuuichi’s clone army when he attempts world conquest… okay, I should probably stop there.

    Need to watch episode five…

  6. Ubu Roi says:

    Oh definately. Mai gets some good time in it. Although after watching it, I’m beginning to see Kyon as a lesser Yuuichi… Kyon would never have pulled either of the stunts with Mikuru that Yuuichi does with Makoto. Although Kyon knows that if he did, Mikuru would die of shock and Haruhi would end the world, so maybe he gets a pass.

  7. Wonderduck says:

    Mmmmm… Konnyaku down the back…

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