He’s Such A Girly Man (Animé Fansubs XII)

Otome wa Boku is simply unbelievable. I mean that in the sense that it’s not credible or believable. Even in To Wong Fu, it was impossible to look at any of the three main characters and completely forget that they were really men. Granted, John Leguizamo did a damn good job as a drag queen, but still, there’s one very notable piece of equipment that men have (and women don’t) that should give the show’s premise away instantly.

No, I’m not talking about that, I’m talking about an adam’s apple. That little knot at the front of the throat that all men have–and women don’t. But as long as we’re on the subject, I don’t think Mizuho has a penis and balls either. Nor any testosterone, since he evidently doesn’t have to shave any facial hair.

Just how impossibly absurd is this show? Mizuho is so pretty, he has become the most popular girl in the school. And he develops a crush on last year’s most popular girl, who as it happens, reciprocates — and figures out he’s a guy. Even more impossible, Mizuho changes into his PE outfit in the same locker-room with all the girls, but doesn’t get outed! Ok, so Mariya and Shion were standing next to her, uh, him, to block everyone else’s view, but come on! A whole class of girls are in the locker room, stripping to their underwear and getting into gym wear. You mean to say the most popular new girl in the school isn’t going to draw any attention from other girls the first time she, uh, he undresses? Nobody’s going to want to, you know, compare busts, maybe? Be serious! The boy’s got an incredible set of falsies, no testosterone, no balls, and no dick. Lost’em like Van Gogh’s ear, in a shaving accident, probably while trying to learn how to shave his legs.

Still, it’s worth watching for the fanservice. Plus it’s also the kind of show that makes you consider the philosophy of our sexual identies and how we see ourselves and others. You know, deep and meaningful questions, such as: “Does it still count as ‘titty torture’ if they’re falsies?” Mizuho even yells “Stop” like a cute girl. But I have to wonder… what’s he going to do about the showers?

And just wait until the swimsuit and hot-spring episodes. They’re required, you know.

If this doesn’t count as sexual harrassment, they might as well get out the sex toys…. It should be noted that Mizuho screams like a little girl. I said that already. Ok, Mizuho blushes like a girl.  And what’s he embarassed about? Frankly, if you think about what it’s supposed to be, it’s just creepy, instead.
This scene is almost the only reason I am not convinced that Mizuho is actually a girl pretending to be a guy, pretending to be a girl. It might explain the bizzare provision of grandmother’s will. But the nun running the school and the teacher both addressed him as a male…(I rechecked–at least in the subs, it’s ambiguous)  they couldn’t be planning to be THAT inconsistant in order to perpetrate the joke, could they? I don’t know, but I’m really wondering. Remember what I said about the beach episode? Now that is TOO realistic.
Now that Shion knows, Mariya has a partner in deviltry. Poor Mizuho. I’d say, “pity da po’ boy” but he’s surrounded by beautiful girls! Of course, all but two of them think he’s one too, but hey, Mizuho can’t have everything.
He does, however, have a couple of friends engaging in pseudo-yuri to get his goat. More proof that Mizuho has no testosterone: He didn’t ask them to wait until he got his camera phone out.

Unfortunately, I do have to give the show black marks for several serious mistakes. First off, the only flame-haired babe is the leader of the student council, and she’s the bad girl who’s just declared war on Mizuho. Second, the only meganekko so far, is her henchgirl. The third mistake, a total lack of meido, is partly mitigated by the kouhai going into “servant” mode on occasion.

The final mistake, I can only hope to see rectified in a future episode: Shion is in serious need of a twin sister. That much hawt shouldn’t exist solo. Hm… If Mizuho dyed her hair….

waitwaitwait! HIS hair dammit — Trap! Trap! Ah, damn….

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4 Responses to He’s Such A Girly Man (Animé Fansubs XII)

  1. …a girl pretending to be a guy, pretending to be a girl…

    It’s been done.

  2. Ubu Roi says:

    Yeah, but “Victoria” was ugly.  At least in my eyes.

    Mizuho–if I didn’t know better, I’d hit in a heartbeat. Well, assuming I was an anime guy, and of an age that wouldn’t get me arrested….. details, details.  But you really have to wonder, what with the artwork I linked over at Jason’s place.  The studio playing with our fantasies, or letting a spoiler out of the bag?

  3. Ubu Roi says:

    Just a couple more notes in support of and against the ‘double trap’ theory: Mizuho is genuinely embarassed to go to the girl’s bathroom. Second, during the only scenes that we see him as a guy, we do not get to see his front below the shoulders or above the knees — except when Mariya is clutching the school uniform over Mizuho’s regular clothing. She HE does look pretty flat-chested at that point. And then there’s the ambiguous way the headmistress refers to Mizuho as the grandchild of her contemporary. From all this, I conclude that if Mizuho really is a girl, she’s got some really deep-rooted issues.

    It’s worth noting that in the dating sim this comes from, Mizuho is definately male, and proves it with several different ladies. Or so I’m told….

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