I Know I’m Slacking…

The last few weeks, I’ve been off my stride, and not producing much for either Houblog or blogHOUSTON. At first, I thought it was just work wearing me down, but lately, I have realized that I’m not sleeping well at all, and am extremely lethargic. Worse, when looking back at some of my older articles, I found myself thinking, “I wrote that? It’s good-well reasoned, covers all the bases, has smoother transitions — that was me?” I look at my recent stuff and I see disjointed thinking, abrupt transitions, and large gaps in logic chains. I’ve got two incomplete articles pending, and I need to write several more. White’s trying to overthrow Prop.2, and the Housing department needs digging out with a backhoe, but I can barely budge myself to fix supper when I get home. I don’t know what to make of it.

I’m struggling at work — rather unmotivated, getting things done only because I’d hate myself for not getting them done, but I don’t really feel any enthusiasm for it.

Does anime really rot your mind? Or am I not well? Sometimes I think I need a keeper. Maybe a cute little dog-girl.

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