Victim of Success?

I’m thinking Trion Worlds needs to get with character transfers, ASAP. A series of server splits would be an ideal solution though. Talk about being a victim of your own success! View this link about 7pm central. It looks like they added a few more servers, but is it enough?

Queues during early start have been upwards of 600-1000 players long. People have reported being given estimated queue times of 24 to 36 hours! Obviously unreal, but still, that’s insane. The first night of Head Start (available to those who pre-bought the game), my actual, observed queue time was TWO HOURS and FORTY MINUTES.

The second night, it was half that, but it has never been lower than 20 minutes unless I was trying to log on at 3am. Otherwise, my guild’s chosen server has just been impossible. I finally gave up (as did Dr. Heinous) and we moved to Perspice. Sucked to leave the guild, but we don’t have computers to look at loading screens.

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