Looks Like We Got a Cling-on, Captain

So I was just preparing to write a post (not about Railgun, as I promised) when I noticed a Twitter pingback from someone called “otakusphere.” I checked it out… looks like another one of those stupid machine aggregators trying to game the search engines, as I see no content, just link after link to other anime sites.

It’s either a very limited machine, or a very limited human however… every one of the links I saw, except one, was to a site in the Chizumatic blogroll. On the other hand, that one exception was a great article on Summer Wars over at Schoolgirl Milky Crisis, so I don’t count looking at the Twitter site a total loss.

Update: Indeed, as Steven points out, it was Otaku-kun, a.k.a Otakusphere, a.k.a Fledgling Otaku, who has turned in his fledgling badge after several years of being an anime fan. Apologies for running off at the mouth….

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  2. Ubu Roi says:

    I thought the name was familiar, but I didn’t see any indication on the page about who it belonged to or where they were, other interests, etc. Of course, I’m not really familiar with with all this new-fangled “Let me put my entire life online so burglars know I’m not home” schtick, so maybe I just didn’t know how to tickle it properly.

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