Sekirei II, ep. 2

Holy boing-boing, Batman…. that episode was actually damn good!

In the first season, they followed the manga up until the last episode, and only changed the aftermath of the battle on the bridge. The second season has completely departed from the manga, and the results are far more promising than I expected. It was funny, it was tense, and it ended on a cliffhanger. I came for the boobies, and I’m getting a comedy-harem-action-fanservice thriller. I don’t know who’s writing this, but I’m impressed so far. Even the animation is, if not inspired, at least competent.

The conversation on the roof between Kazehana and Tskuomi was good on both the comedy and personal levels, but they set up a joke during it, and delivered at the end of the scene. Then, anyone who’s ever made a call and gotten a child on the line will be rolling on the floor during Ku-chan’s telephone scene.

If you haven’t followed the first season, you can just go ahead and pick up with ep. 1 of this season, as it’s a recap anyway.

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