God Drop x2 (updated)

So I’m still finishing off Kali because she cast the Spell of Return before I could bag the rest of her cities. I’m ready to attack her capital, but decided to hold off and hit some of the remaining Myrran mana nodes, just to see what dropped. I’d scouted several that were too tough for me to spare forces for, or I’d bounced.

So I hit a Chaos node with a mixed LB/Magician/EL stack. This is what I got, and I didn’t take a single hit vs 8 Gargoyles, thanks to getting an invisibility spell off.

This is one of my complaints about the AI: it’s stupid. Melee units just sat there, whereas if they moved forward, they’d eventually have found me anyway.

Only problem was, I screwed up when I took the screenshot, and caused DOSBox to crash, which lost the game state — so I didn’t have this when I reloaded. Oh well, lets hit them again! I didn’t do as well the 2nd time, because the node prevented both my attempts at Mass Invisibiilty; I had to duke it out with nothing but a Blur spell to back up my troops. So what I actually ended up with was this.

So this is what Jafar looks like now:

Yeah, I lost the druid when I put it Auto for a battle that I shouldn’t have, and he charged.

You know, there’s three more nodes I haven’t taken yet…. be back in a bit. 🙂

I lost connectivity with the server last night, so my update didn’t go through. An autosave caught part of it,

The first one:

The prisoner was Taki, and I turned him down, since I now had the Resurrect spell to get the druid back.

The second one:

One of the bows was ok, the other was crap.

I have a screencap of the third, but don’t remember what it was. I think it was 140 mana crystals and an axe. I then noticed 2 more nodes and an abandoned keep in Arcanus on a remote island. I decided to hammer them as well, but the drops were, by this point, mediocre at best. So I put Kali out of her misery and went to bed.

My next game is going to be a Myrror start with Dark Elves and all Death magic. I don’t recall ever using it that much, so that will be another learning experience.

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