A little while ago, I was moving my animé files to the new 1.5TB drive when I realized that this show title I’d been wondering about was one I’d downloaded 1 episode of already. So I fired up Zoom Player and watched the first few moments of it — only to realize why I’d forgotten it. Turns out it was Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari, the alternate world story with Tenchi’s brother. I’d planned to keep following it (even though it’s mediocre), but after I went several weeks without seeing episode 2, I decided it must have been an OVA.

Turns out it just wasn’t being subbed regularly by any group. There’s something like 4 groups that have turned out varying episodes up through #7. And of course, now that it’s weeks after the others came out, they’re next to impossible to torrent — in fact, I can’t find a working torrent of ep. 3 at all. (Nyatorrents HQ version claims to be good, but nothing shows up for a swarm).

Ah well. I’ll just have to make do. Better yet, maybe I should go download more Student Council. For such a show about nothing, it’s the only one that reliably makes me laugh.

Update: ep. 3 finally connected and is downloading.

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