Snow Day!

Nice thing about living in Houston is that it goes ape with the least bit of snow. It’s barely covering the grass, and not sticking to any streets at all, but hey, I get the afternoon off.

Aint’ complainin’.

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  1. I read somewhere else that this is the earliest snow in Houston since 1815.

  2. Ubu Roi says:

    Given that Houston wasn’t founded until 1836, that was quite early indeed! One wonders if they got the century wrong, or if it would have been more accurate to say “earliest in the region Houston was later located in.”

    Given that there was some human habitation in the area (pirate Jean Lafitte, who supplied some of the munitions to Gen. Jackson at the Battle of New Orleans earlier that year [1815] was based on Galveston island), there would have been someone to make a record of it, but they wouldn’t be living in a town called Houston.

  3. What the person said was that it was the Tambora eruption, which led to the “year without a summer”, which resulted in snow in Houston. But they may have been engaging in hyperbole.

  4. AvatarADV says:

    Figures. 30 years in Houston, no snow. Leave, snow two years running. And just a sprinkle here in Dallas so far, in the morning, when I’m sleeping, melted before I woke up. Figures…

  5. Dr.Heinous says:

    There was a touch of snow here in Dallas the other day. A fair amount built up on the grass, but it melted away almost immediately.

    I talked to the Stainless Steel Brat over the weekend, who is down in Houston. Predictably she’s saved a snowball in the freezer. The only details remaining are who to hit, or whether to try and sell it on EBay…

  6. Ubu Roi says:

    I’ll be on guard when you come visit….

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