Bored Again…

Don’t ask me how I can be this busy and bored at the same time. But I am. So here’s the results of a few minutes with the Automotivator. Warning! NSFW below the fold!

And because sometimes, the best humor is self-referential: (You may have to view the enlarged version to read the subtitle.)

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4 Responses to Bored Again…

  1. Ubu Roi says:

    They Are My Noble Masters, but there is actually a Shanna connection (Shinra, whose classic rear we see, also shared a seiiyu with Willhelmina.) Adaptation of a hentai dating sim. It’s the one with the runaway brother and sister (both have sib-cons) that end up taking service with a peculiar trio of sisters, busty redheaded maid, sword-girl security chief, and the required super-butler. And don’t forget the also-required trap.

    There’s no resolution as to which he picks in the anime, of course.

  2. andyjanes says:

    Is the third from Stratos 4?

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