2008’s “Should Have Been Hentai” award?

Just finished watching “They Are My Noble Masters” ep. 3. I’m slightly boggled. Good lord. Must find some pictures to post… that won’t melt the monitor. Maybe this title should be “Almost Was Hentai.” (Edited per Owen and IKnight’s comment below.) I’m also changing my summary for it. Forget “Hayate with boobies.” Try “Hayate with steaming hawt exhibitionist women, and boobies!” Panty flashes should be considered the mild stuff.

Head below the fold at your own risk. Very NSFW.

Given a choice…

Would you rather walk in on this….

or this…

or this…

or this…

or this!!??? By the way, Miyu, the blonde, isn’t there voluntarily.

Pity poor Ren. He gets to walk in on all of it–or have it walk in on him. Lucky bastard. He also gets to give Shinra rubs. And I don’t mean back rubs. So far, he hasn’t gotten been ordered to bathe with her, which used to be Benisu’s job. (Benisu is the busty redhead, and yes, her name is pronounced in the worst way.)

Very lucky bastard. Incidentally, he is voiced by the stellar Tomokazu Seki, best known as Souské Sagara (FMP), Touya (CCS), Bart (Vandred), Gai Daigoji (MSN), Jun (Kanon), and he is even in some other fanservice show this season…Rosie-something + something-pire… I forget. There, he plays a lecherous recurring character we should be seeing soon, Gin.

The seiyuu for the eldest of the three sisters, the green-haired Shinra, is Shizuka Itou, best known from Shana as Wilhellmina, and ironically, Hayate as Hinaginku.. I thought Wilhellmina’s seiyuu could play a sexy woman, but neither of those roles let her cut loose. Here, she sounds like she’s having a ball being a complete tease. The middle sister, (Miyu) who is way more like her oneesama than she realizes (or would ever admit if she did), is voiced by Yuko Goto. She doesn’t have the famous past of either of her teammates — except for a minor role as someone named Mikaru Asahina, in some show that was pretty popular a couple of years ago. (Note: she sounds completely different here.) The youngest sister, (Yume) who is pretty much normal compared to everyone else at the mansion, is voiced by Shizuka Minamori, about whom ANN has no information whatsoever. I assume it’s a “stage name” that hasn’t been connected to the actual seiyuu as yet.

Benisu is voiced by Kumiko Yokote, who has a modest resumé of forgettable shows. This role is going to be much harder to forget. Security Chief Natose (second picture) is voiced by Yuu Asakawa, probably best known as Priss (Bubblegum Crisis 2040) and Motoko (Love Hina) Rie Tanaka is so far wasted in a minor role as Ageha, the egotistical class president/friend of Yume. (I have two names for you: “Mariel” and “Chi.”) Finally, Mihato, Ren’s sister (who didn’t directly give us any fanservice this episode and thus doesn’t get pictured), is voiced by Furuya Hitomi. Modest would a compliment to her resume. I suspect the budget was kind of light after hiring Tomokazu-san and Rie-san. On the other hand, she was responsible for this bit of fanservice, when she captured Benisu during a contest.
. .
. . .
. . . .
. . . . .
. . . . . .
. . . . . . .

Um. Where was I?


Yes, Miyu is very much like her older sister.

Best line of the episode. Although the sequence where Ren walks in on Benisu, and then proceeds to distract her with a discussion of prime numbers so he can continue to oogle her was pretty good too.

I mean…damn. Where did Haro-neesama learn to tie knots like that, anyway?
Er, anyway…

“My sister always teases those that she likes.”

Be afraid.

Be very afraid.

Of both women.

“I’m afraid. I’m very afraid. I was supposed to be the loli and now I’ve got bigger breasts than Miyu. If onee-sama notices, it could be bad.”

Doesn’t Benisu have the most amazing blush? And the rope even compliments her hair!

Wait!Wait!Wait! My mind was wandering again! Gomen nasai!

Does the bow in Benisu’s hair look like bunny-ears to you too?

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7 Responses to 2008’s “Should Have Been Hentai” award?

  1. Owen S says:

    Just so you know (but you did, right?), this is based on a hentai game. Ren gets to screw every single character, even his sister. A torrent of the CGs is available on Tokyo Tosho, if you’re into that sort of thing. I recall the butt rub and Benisu changing in red lingerie scenes, heh.

  2. IKnight says:

    So this really deserves the ‘Was Hentai’ Award?

  3. jgreely says:

    Given its origin, perhaps it should win the “most faithful adaptation of a hentai game” award. I can’t remember ever seeing a pure fetish rope bondage scene in TV anime before.

    I prefer my maids unrestrained, of course.


  4. Ubu Roi says:

    Owen: Why am I not surprised?

    J: You weren’t paying attention to the OP for Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei, were you? Here, let me help:

  5. jgreely says:

    No hadn’t seen that one, largely because the comments I’ve seen about that series made it unlikely to be interesting. The OP didn’t change my opinion.

    I also prefer my schoolgirls unrestrained.

    [actually, I find traditional Japanese rope bondage completely unappealing, aesthetically and sexually, so it’s possible I’ve missed its other appearances in TV anime simply because I avoided the sort of show it was likely to show up in. The fact that it’s based on a martial art that’s still taught to police is mildly amusing (“Hey, Jenny, I’m taking Hojojutsu at the academy this quarter; wanna help me practice?”), but doesn’t improve my opinion of the results.]


  6. TheBigN says:

    I like this show mainly for the fact that it doesn’t take itself seriously at all, save for the history of Ren/Mihato. It’s fun enough to keep watching.

    But what about Chiharu (aka the Trap)? 😀

  7. Ubu Roi says:

    What about her? Uh, him.

    I’d draw a blank on that reference, except I actually downloaded the raw (of ep. 4) to watch. Don’t need to understand a word of it to appreciate the bikinis. And although I’m not like Jason when it comes to DFC’s, I was sorely disappointed by Miyu’s school swimsuit. The only way it could have been more criminal would be if Shinra-sama had worn it.

    Not that it would have come close to fitting…she’d have been busting out all over. (Groan.)

    Actually, I’m not so sure that it doesn’t take itself seriously elsewhere. Both the game and the animé seem to be hinting that Benisu also has a difficult past, possibly one involving the Chinese Tongs. (Note the tattoo.) That might also explain the instant antipathy between her and the siblings; they remind her of unpleasant memories.

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