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That waste of time known as my existence.

Updates better damn well follow….

I’m not losing another blog-friend, dammit.

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Holiday Weekend

Hope yours was happy. Mine was okay — but here’s what I did Saturday: the Houston Autorama.

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Steven Den Beste, In Memoriam

I can’t write like I used to, and this is a subject about which I never could. I’m bummed. I’m sad. I want to go have a cry like my best friend died. I’m reasonably sure he didn’t reciprocate — … Continue reading

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This doesn’t look good at all (Update)

Steven DenBeste has been out of contact for over a week now. Brickmuppet managed to determine his address close enough to contact the police, who reached his family. They declined police assistance and are “handling it within the family.” Follow … Continue reading

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Without Further Comment

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Random Thoughts

Because I’m too lazy to write a real article. Going to early vote tomorrow. Think I’m going to vote Cruz. Favorite son and all that, but the real reason is I can chill and watch Trump through the general election … Continue reading

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Since you ask…

…yes, as a matter of fact, I did forget to pay my hosting bills. Credit card expired, and I didn’t notice the emails from them or anyone else. The notices went to an old email I rarely monitor, and the … Continue reading

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