A Little Rain…..

Not evacuating, but this is going to be a mess. On the one hand, the rainfall amount is laughable compared to Allison. “35 inches in five days? HA! Why, I remember when we did that in one day!” Yeah, but that time, it was concentrated in a small area, covering four counties. This time, it’s everywhere. By the time the rain from further north along the Brazos and San Jacinto rivers gets here, it’s not going to have anywhere to go thanks to the storm surge continuously being pushed onshore, and the rain that’s already fallen.

Hurricane models on crack.

The last few times, I blogged through the hurricanes at Houblog.com, but it’s been messed up for some time, thanks to bastards from China sniping it when I accidentally let the registration lapse. Looks like I’ll have to liveblog it from here.

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