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What Stupid People Do When They’re Bored

I suppose I could watch some animé, but for some idiotic reason, this struck me as much more amusing. As some of you know, I started playing Worlds of Warcraft back in March. It is a lot cheaper than buying … Continue reading

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Posting’s Really Going to Slow Down Now…

I have been seduced by the Horde side. I’ve only played a couple of nights so far, but WOW looks like a pleasant enough diversion until I can upgrade to a system that can handle Vanguard:SOH. And $15 a month … Continue reading

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Breaking News: World Created, God Rests on Seventh Day

Not that I’m trying to suggest that KPRC-2 is, you know, a bit behind the times with their headlines, but they’ve just now noticed that people who play online games don’t always play characters of the same sex as themselves. … Continue reading

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