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How to Offend Everybody

I don’t think you’ll see many Texans wearing “We Are Charlie Hebdo” t-shirts in Texas any more.

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And Back to Ships…

I’m sure someone was really ticked off in this battle. Q: What happens when the enemy goes all in on a pincer move? A: The one destroyer on the enemy team sneaks in and caps. And I mean TOTAL ninja … Continue reading

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Internet’s Back; We Got Fooled

The reports were false, that bridge is still there. Damn I hate bullshit artists.

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Water is down but we lost Internet and cable. Posting from my iPhone. I note the telemarketers do not have the day off.

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Bridge Out! (Edited)

Edited: I should have remained skeptical. The Fakebook thread was false, and I also relied on a friend who was likewise fooled by it. The report of the bridge collapse is false. I’d gotten a report on social media last … Continue reading

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Still Here, Still Dry (updated)

But it was close. (Edit: Report of bridge collapse was FAKE.) Well, that bridge isn’t there anymore. My brother said he felt it moving when we stopped to take pictures, but I thought he mean vibration from the truck that … Continue reading

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Evening Walkabout

Pictures mostly taken on my last walk about before dark, about 5pm. Compare these two, about two hours apart: Notice the rope? People got tired of the pickup-truck tourists blasting water up to their houses. And cutting through their yards. … Continue reading

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