What the hell is with everybody and his sister fansubbing Kannagi and Toradora, but the only group doing Macademi Wasshoi hasn’t even gotten episode 2 out yet?

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4 Responses to Dammit.

  1. It really is strange, considering how fast they got the first one out. Have they said anything about it? (I wouldn’t know where to look, myself.)

  2. Owen S says:

    At least One Outs is subbed now!

  3. Ubu Roi says:

    They’re so new as to not have a website apparently. I suspect many of these groups are really ad hoc collections of individuals moonlighting from other teams, though I don’t know enough to be sure.

  4. Griffin says:

    Don’t forget Tales of the Abyss. When 7 groups just isn’t enough….

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